Progress continues on remediation efforts

It was Scotland’s own visionary, Alexander Graham Bell, who eloquently stated, “before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  And preparation has certainly been the order of the day – or rather month here at the SMTP as we forge ahead with our own visionary project, kicking off the remediation works.

The team have been hard at work, laying the foundations for the remediation trails to progress successfully.  These trails represent an exciting collaboration with Strathclyde University, alongside world respected waste manager Paul Dumble, using micro-organisms already found in the soil to undertake remediation efforts.  Paul and the university team have been working closely together to ensure the early laboratory trials are a success and the initial results, just received, are extremely encouraging!

Along with the remediation planning, we have been working hard to continue to build commercial interest in the park, joining the two large clients that have already confirmed interest in a phased landing approach. Initially we will be offering a ‘soft landing’ to enable their immediate commercial constraints to be alleviated. Once we have met this initial need, we will work closely with both clients to ensure their final building design meets with our base design guidance, alongside their specific future needs.

Lastly, we are delighted to announce that Bryan Murphy has joined the team as Project Engineer. Bryan comes with extensive experience, across a range of large-scale build projects in the O&G industry, which he will utilise to ensure the remediation and site construction develops in line with our proposed timeline.

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