May news

With lockdown now slightly easing, we seem to be on a route back to ‘normality’. A parallel journey has also occurred at SMTP HQ, with the team progressing full steam ahead.

The month kicked off with a focus on planning – both for business modelling and remediation. We have been working behind the scenes to develop a business model to help us secure funding in the coming months and years. With a project of this scale, it is imperative to forecast the expected cost as early as possible, to enable the project team to develop a concise, considered and clear approach – and we have made real progress here.  

Turning to remediation, our contractors, advised by our expert team member, Paul Dumble, have developed a detailed plan of action. This, we hope, will be in place next month.

Plan development was also the order of the day for the western portion of the site; here we have been working closely with GD Lodge, our architects and key partner, Stantec, to fully understand the possibilities for this area of the park. The results are really exciting, and we hope to be able to share some more on this in next month’s edition.

Lastly, we had some fun with a social competition, inviting kids to submit their ideas for the recreational area of the park – from cake shaped cafes and restaurants decked out like a ship, to an on-site circus and communal pool – we received some great ideas.

Sam Fisher, aged 5. He has designed his park with a circus, pool with slides to the sea, space for boats sailing, trees, sand and of course, a mandatory giant!
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Holly Braham, aged 9. Her vision includes a set of flats with stained glass windows and balconies overlook the river with a communal pool and playpark. There is also a dock for fishing and canoeing.

Whilst we can’t promise that these will all make it in the final build, we will display all entries at the park and it was fantastic to see local engagement. And if you are struggling to keep your little ones (or indeed bigger ones) entertained – there is still time to submit your ideas….

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