Marine memories

As we have moved ahead with this exciting project, we have been overwhelmed by the number of memories which have been stirred, with a number of local residents recalling their stories of the site. From wartime tales, to recollections of first sightings of a large scale vessel as a little one, the stories tied to this site are an interesting and integral part of the site development itself.

Our own project manager, Bryan Murphy, is himself a local resident, being born and raised in West Dumbarton. He said, ‘I personally witnessed the decline of industry as I was growing up in my local area and the resultant knock on effects of this in the local communities. The SMTP is a chance to bring that industry back and offer some long term employment security to these communities with chances for young people to gain a foothold on their career ladder within engineering.”

The group would love to hear any stories you may have of the area, whether you worked at the site when it was a depot, or maybe had a relative that served there during the war.

In collecting these stories, the SMTP wish to document the narrative of the site which will be shared  with the public as part of the new amenities. We are also keen to gain local residents views on the site development.

Please share your memories to add to this wonderful narrative – we can document and share for our and future generations.

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