July news

With 2020 being a Year of Coasts and Waters, there has been a real focus on marine companies – so it was indeed very humbling for this month, to be featured as one of the key companies within this sector by #Scotlandisnow. 

As you know, the Scottish Marine Technology Park is an ambitious plan which aims to contribute towards the regeneration of the Clyde and wider marine sector. Centred on innovation and technological advancement, the park wishes to contribute to the economic landscape of the local and wider community, transforming the employment opportunities offered.  

With news of the contract with BAE Systems, noted above, and the barge capability that will come to the Clyde, one of the largest in Europe, we are excited to see our vision come one step closer to becoming a reality.

To find out more about the ongoing work at the site, future plans and opportunities, visit scotmtp.com

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